Eat My Shit Records is my passion project. It was started in 2019 so that I could put out all of my many many live recordings.
All releases are very small run and powered by friendship. There is nothing fancy about this label, just trying to create a space to put out very weird shit that most people won't care about.
EMS is not currently accepting demos.

Coming soon...

A split with Trigger Object and Chuck Bettis! Keep checking back for more information....

Trigger Object - Ghost Bros OST


Edition of 100 Cassettes, 100 Compact Discs, Digital
Distributed by The Business and Sige Records

" Trigger Object is the new moniker adopted by Veronica 'Vern' Avola, and their latest release is a set of metaphysical sonic oddities inspired by the artist's love of ghost hunting reality TV shows. On Ghost Bros OST Avola relishes taking things to playful, noisy extremes with acrid atmospherics, creepy unidentifiable clangs and clunks, and oodles of goopy, pungent distortion. The ghost hunting theme is playfully explored on "Trailer Squatting Arsonist", a slow burning horror show that begins in hesitant, clunking rhythms and ends with a screaming, hissing wall of noise."Chaos Control" is all flashing lamps, trembling side tables and EMF readers going batshit.On "Zero4 Champ DooZy-J" Avola immolates shifty synths in stinging distortion with what feels like a twisted sense of glee. Of the more rhythmically hectic tracks, "Ghost Bros Theme" and "Dunk Chud" are wonderfully crunchy and kinetic, and "My Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" is a juddering racket of blunt force fun. The album closes with appropriately haunted epilogue "Hag Lore", full of insidious ambience and shivering revulsion."
Wire Magazine Issue 485, July 2024

Out July 11th, 2024.

Leather Jester - FÆR INNOCULUM


Limited Edition of 50 Cassettes
Leather Jester has done it again. I have few words for this one, you'll just have to listen and enjoy yourselves.

Avola + Lords & Lady Kevin - SPLIT


Limited Edition of 30 8" Lathe/Digital
Lords and Lady Kevin is a group of truly magical humans: Kevin Rutmanis (Cows, Melvins, Hepa Titus), David Livingstone (Godbullies) and Gina Skwoz (aka Mow Skwoz). This split is available digitally as well as in the form of an incredibly limited 8” clear, square shaped lathe cut. The 8” lathe is a limited edition of 30 and is clear and square cut. Cover designed by Vern Avola in collaboration with Gina Skwoz and David Livingstone. Hand printed by Grilka Press.

Leather Jester + Sunken Colony - Lurker Strain


Limited Edition of 50 cassettes/Digital
Leather Jester and Sunken Colony have teamed up to make this magic split. Co-released on cassette with Trip Sitter. Edition of 50 tapes.

Shane McDonell - Wire Water


Limited Edition of 50 Cassettes
"From the moment the play button is pressed, "Wire Water" envelops the listener in a swirling vortex of aquatic ambiance. Mc Donell masterfully manipulates hydro-acoustic elements, creating a richly layered sonic tapestry that ebbs and flows like the currents of a primordial ocean.
At its core, "Wire Water" is a testament to the power of texture. Each sonic element, from the deep, resonant bass tones to the shimmering, ethereal highs, is imbued with a tactile quality that invites listeners to reach out and touch the music. It's a truly immersive experience, as if the sounds themselves have taken on a physical form, enveloping the listener in a viscous, otherworldly embrace."
-Artificial Intelligence
Out May 3rd, 2024.

Hammerhead + Avola - SPLIT


8" LATHE (limited edition of 30)/Digital
HOLY FUCK! YEAH! Avola + Hammerhead are releasing a split 8" lathe for your displeasure. The lathe is square and clear. Plays at 33rpm. The cover is hand silk screened by yours truly.
Coming out October 14th, 2022. Stay tuned for more info...

Avola - When It Reigns It Poors Vol XV: Futile Feudal Food Aisle


CD (edition of 50)/Digital
"As the music progresses, the ambiguity of the title's wordplay manifests in the sound; the opening track slurs electronic grumble into a broken galloping pummel, though by the time it nears the end with "New Whirled Odor Pt. 6" the industrial clangour has softened into a monstrous growl, adding a wretched but satisfying layer of gore."
Wire Magazine, November 2022, Issue 465

Avola / Leather Jester - SPLIT


CD (edition of 30)/CS (edition of 50)/Digital
A split between Avola and Leather Jester -- For fans of drone and rhythmic harsh noise!!! Releases April 1st, 2022 on CD, Cassette and Vinyl!!!!!!!

Walter Diego - Now That Fart I Call Midi|sic


CD (edition of 30)/Digital

A special limited edition redux of Walter Diego's 2016 masterpiece, Now That Fart I Call Midi|sic|.

A selected transmission featuring the all time greatest of Now remizixed via midi for your glistening treasure. Produced by midivillin. ALL RIGHTS REVERSED

Elrond - Spark



A sudden and whimsical moment of magic. Enjoy.

Elrond/Contact Cult - Split



Nothing says friendship like a good old fashioned split release! Each artist provides 4 PSYCHO tracks for your enjoyment.

Elrond - Hogan's Slough


Cassette Edition of 100 /Digital

"Hogan's Slough delves briefly beyond the Enchanted Isles, beneath the shadows cast by Meridian, and into the deepest realm of the Northern Kingdom. Here a solemn court jester discovers not only their path through the many planes of the universe, but the endless passages into the further reaches of the mind. Whilst felling foes and plucking pensive notes upon their crimson lute, the swirling tales of Hogan the Fool can only be summed through the weaving of melodies brought on by the currents brought fourth from the boundless reaches of space and time. Be it clarity or madness only one thing is certain; through music and companionship all obstacles can be overcome."

Avola - Consensual Abduction


CD Limited Edition of 100 /Digital

"In the midst of all the fuss directed at Area 51 - the top secret military installment a the heart of the US's foremost UFO conspiracy theory - its sister site Area 52 remains in relative obscurity. On her latest self-released digital album, West Coast weirdmaker Veronica Avola imagines the experimental weapons facility as an intergalactic soiree where wide-eyed aliens shake their little grey booties while the stars dance over the desert and nuclear rockets shoot rainbow goo. Several years ago, former CIA pilot and conspiracy theorist John Lear claimed that Area 52 was covered with secret runways hidden in the desert floor that could only be accessed through portals that open and close like giant zippers. It would come as no shock to learn that these portals were somehow triggered by Avola's synths." - Emily Pothast, Wire Magazine, November 2019

When It Reigns It Poors Series

EMS 01 Cassette

Cassette Limited Edition of 30, SOLD OUT (thanks)

EMS-0.01-0.13 (Digital)

"Avola is the surname and solo project of Vern Avola, a Portland, Oregon based sonic adventurer who is also half of the synth duo Elrond. In early 2019, Avola began releasing unedited recordings of her electronic live sets, mostly performed in DIY spaces, ranging in length between 16 - 23 minutes. The latest installment in this series, When It Reigns It Poors Vol 6, is an exercise in enthusiastic improvisation. oddball beats and psychedelic static. While most of Avola's live sets eventually find their way into wiggly, danceable grooves, they are also filled with expansive, introspective passages where nothing stays put or feels settled for too long. The only constant running through these six live performances is the energetic sense of playfulness and genuine unpredictability." Emily Pothast, Wire Magazine, Issue 427 September 2019